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Related article: Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 21:35:52 +1100 From: Janet Pitman Subject: Janet's Diary of her Lolita Sex Stories Adventures with Barbara*JANET'S DIARY OF HER ADVENTURES WITH BARBARA ** *It was a hot summer's day when I first met Barbara. A day I shall never forget.Barbara was in Australia on holidays from her home in the USA. Lolita Sex Stories I don't know who was the most nervous or the most excited.But I should go back to the beginning.About a year after I had started publishing my true stories of my life-long lesbian sexual experiences on the internet. Barbara emailed me and we started a regular correspondence.It wasn't long before we were exchanging photos of one another, and Barb's were the most daring and revealing. She didn't hold back. Lots of nude photos of herself that quickly had me lusting after her and touching myself as I looked at them.Barbara is tall, slender and athletic looking. She has waist length blonde hair that she calls her mane. Her blue-green eyes mesmerize me as she looks directly out at me from one of her clothed photos where she is sitting on a woodpile.I love and lust after her well shaped breasts that are a medium size with inviting nipples. To me, a lover of bottoms, her bum is to die for. Tight and small at the apex of her long, slender legs, I have, for hours, stared at her twin globes in several of her photos.In one, Barbara is bending over looking in the fridge, earring thong panties. The shape of her twin globes and the hidden crack and the shape of her vagina under the tightly stretched panties has, on several occasions, had my fingers wet with my own juices, as I sat looking at the photo on my computer screen.More than this, Barbara has sent me photos of her completely naked -- full frontal. In the shower, lying on the floor with legs spread, sun-baking naked on her back, and one of her bending over, giving me a close-up view of her hairy pussy between her legs, as well as a great view of her naked bottom.Just writing all this down now has me feeling horny and aching to slip my fingers between her legs. But I can't because I'm at work writing this and pretending I'm writing some boring document!I've sent photos of myself to Barbara. Some clothed. One of me naked on one of our beaches, but a towel hides my shaven pussy and all she can see is one breast poking out and the side view of my rounded hips and bottom.In another photo, I am covered in mud in our local tee-tree lake. I'm naked and exposed to my belly button. Barbara can see my tits, but, like my grinning face, they are covered in black mud!But soon -- we would meet. And not only will I see and feel and taste my beloved cyber-friend, but she can see me and feel all my `bits' (I hope), and we will make amazing love.OK, I'm writing this after the event. Now I want to tell you the whole story of my sexual experiences with Barbara, in real time. So what follows is the unaltered record of my diary written soon after each meeting that we had.*Diary Entry #1:** *I can't believe that it is just a few hours since Barbara and I met for the first time, given all that has happened -- the uninhibitedness of our lovemaking -- in such a short time.Maybe its because we both felt like we knew one another anyway, after our very open and honest emails and exchanges of photos over a number of months.Barbara has been in Australia for a few days. She landed in Brisbane and spent the first two days getting over her jet lag and acclimatizing herself to our very hot summer weather*.** **I'm so happy Barbara chose to visit in our summer. It leaves the options wide open. All the clothes-optional beaches to visit and the fact that in summer we all ear very little. And what we do wear is often skimpy and revealing. Lovely!** **This morning I had arranged to meet Barbara at her hotel room in Byron Bay. She came down on the bus last night from Brisbane and, as we had agreed, Barb called me on my mobile (cell phone she calls it) when she arrived and was settled in her room.** **I was the first time we had actually spoken to one another! I was numb with excitement. And Barbara admitted she was nervous as well as anticipating a lot of "fun" with me!** **Barbara told me the hotel she was in and her room number. She told me to come to her door at 10am and she would be waiting for me.** **That was today! This morning! I can hardly take it all in.** **Of Lolita Sex Stories course, I thought about what to wear and I finally decided to dress as I normally do when going out into Byron on a hot summer's day: cotton panties, no bra, a loose fitting cotton tee-shirt and a wrap-around cotton skirt with sandals on my bare feet. Wearing 100% cotton in this weather is the coolest. And I wore my big straw hat.** **I drove from my house to Barbara's Byron Bay Hotel. It is very modern, built around a large, open-grassed area. Each room is really a small cabin, with large bed/dining room and a private bathroom with shower and spa bath. Luxury! Most of all, each cabin is air-conditioned and well insulated and very private.** **I parked in the car park right in front of Barbara's cabin. My heart, I realised as I switched off the engine, was racing. I grasped the wheel, my knuckles white and I stared at the door of Barbara's cabin. I imagined that just on the other side of that door Barbara's mouth was as dry as mine and her heart was pounding like mine.** **I took two deep breaths and brushed my hair from my forehead. The straw hat lay on the seat next to me and I left it there.** **I climbed out of the car and locked the door. I looked at the cabin door. It remained closed.** **Taking another deep breath, I walked between the low-hedged gardens onto the concrete area in front of the door that I knew Barbara was on the other side of.** **I knocked.** **It immediately opened and a Lolita Sex Stories voice said, "Come in, Janet."** **Barbara was hidden behind the door. I stepped inside and walked two paces forward. Then stood facing the inside of the cabin. I heard the door close behind me.** **I turned around and found myself looking straight into the eyes from the photos.** **Barbara smiled at me. I gasped at the sight of her. She was wearing a rayon aqua coloured thigh length robe with probably nothing under it! ** **We fell into one another's arms. Her beautiful perfume (she told me later it was her favorite, Eau de spray of Giorgio Red) permeated my nostrils. I smelled and felt her beautiful long blonde hair in my face and, as I wrapped my arms around Barbara, I felt her lips kissing my neck. We nuzzled one another. Then we kissed for the first time. Her tender wet lips and mine met and explored one another. Our mouths opened. Our tongues danced in ecstasy and explored one another's mouths and teeth. It was all so sensual.** **We crushed each other and Barbara fell back against the closed door. I hugged her, becoming aware of her ribs and hips and that her hands were now running down my back and over the outside of my skirt. She felt and grabbed at my buttocks and I felt her fingers feeling for my bottom crack.** **I stepped back and undid her robe. Barbara cried out, "Oh, Janet! Janet!" as the robe fell to the floor. I looked her up and down. ** **Barbara wasn't naked. She was wearing a beautiful pale pink halter baby doll nighty. I could see her breasts through the thin material. I couldn't wait. I was lust driven. The dam had burst.** **Barbara sensed my mood and hers matched it. She pulled the baby doll nighty off, revealing her naked body except for a matching pink chiffon ruffle thong through which I could make out the shape of her pubic area and I already knew that light brown pubic hair lay beneath.** **Again we kissed passionately. I was still dressed, though Barbara now had my dress ruffled up at the back and her eager hands were sliding all over my white panties.** **"The bed," I gasped.** **Barbara turned and taking me by the hand led me to the king-sized bed. She threw the blankets back and we fell upon the sheets. I fell on my back. Barbara reared up over me and straddled me.** **I looked up at her well-shaped breasts and down her lovely slender body. Even her stretch marks looked so sensual to me.** **As she breathed heavily, heaving her rib cage and her breasts up and down, I reached up to softly touch her stomach and sides and under her breasts. Her perfume intoxicated me. It flowed from her beautiful skin.** **I felt her thighs tightening around my hips and I sensed that her vagina was convulsing and was crying out for me to touch it.** **I slid one hand around behind her, pulling her sitting astride body close to mine and I felt her bum cheeks and the thong down the centre crack. I pushed my hand between her legs as much as I could. The thong material was wet and her aroma wafted up to my nose. I felt so turned on!**Barbara groaned as my fingers slipped under her thong and touched the edges of her pubic hair and I felt, for the first time, her outer lips -- and her wetness. Her pubic area was already slick with love juices.** **I started to pull her thong down. Barbara lifted her body and swung her legs awkwardly as we both desperately got her thong down her thighs and legs and she kicked it free with her shaking foot.** **Then she sat back astride me, naked now. I looked at her light brown pubic hair and her slit, just inches from me.** **I used my fingers to brush her pubic hairs lightly. Then I spread open her lovely pussy, revealing the redness and wetness and, there it was! The beautiful clitoris she has told me about in emails. ** **Barbara told me it gets quite long and very erect when she is aroused. Well, I would say, she was certainly aroused now!** **Right at that moment, Barbara slid her body forward so that her vagina was in my face. I could still smell her lovely perfume, obviously dabbed around her pubic area.** **I buried my face into the cunt I had been aching to touch and taste and smell and feel for so long. It was like being in heaven. And by the sounds and gasping of Barbara, she must have thought she was in heaven also.** **I enthusiastically held onto Barbara's bare bottom cheeks and pulled her wet and inviting vagina into where my mouth and tongue could reach. I licked her and sucked on her erect clitoris. Her juices seeped down my face but I didn't want to stop. I alternated between licking up and down her slit and thrusting my tongue deep inside her pussy hole, and blowing and sucking softly on her clit.** **Barbara panted and pushed and moaned. Some minutes later she started to cry out and her thighs were shaking uncontrollably as she orgasmed and her juices poured over my face.** **Barbara fell backwards to lie on her back on top of me.** **I kept looking at her spread open legs where her pussy looked like open and very wet cave just inches from my face.** **Barbara rolled off me, panting and sweating. She lay still for a few moments. Then she sat up. Her cheeks were flushed.** **"Come on, Janet, get those clothes off," she commanded.** **I sat up, before standing next to the bed looking down on the naked Barbara now sitting cross-legged watching me.** **My sandals were already kicked off. Smiling at Barbara, I untied the cotton wrap-around skirt I was wearing and let it drop to the floor. Then Lolita Sex Stories I quickly lifted my tee shirt over my head.** **I stood facing Barbara conscious of her staring, open-mouthed, at my breasts. The breasts she had longed to see and commented so many times about in her emails.** **Barbara slid to the edge of the bed and leaned forward to pull me closer. Then she hooked her fingers into the elastic top of my cotton panties and pulled them down over my hips until they fell at my ankles and I kicked them free of my feet.** **"Oh, Janet," whispered Barbara, "you are so, so beautiful."** **She reached forward to run her hands down my rib cage, across my hips and to slid her beautiful hands slowly down the outside of my upper thighs.** **Then she started sliding her fingers up my inner thighs.** **I spread my legs, conscious of being fully exposed to her lusting eyes, as my pussy is bare -- shaved clean.** **Barbara ran her hand up and between my legs, cupping my bum and then sliding her fingers slowly forward until she as touching my vagina. ** **I closed my eyes and leant into her beautiful touch.** **Her fingers slowly slid up my crack and then easily slid inside because I was so wet and ready for her magic Lolita Sex Stories touch.** **I leaned forward and placed my hands on Barbara's shoulders and kissed the top of her golden haired head as she started to masturbate me.** **"Yes! Yes!" I panted. "Fuck me, Barbara!"** **As Barbara plunged her fingers in and out of my pussy I fell closer and closer to her. Soon I was on the bed, on my back, Lolita Sex Stories legs spread, and barb was kneeling between my thighs and finger-fucking me.** **Before I orgasmed, she sensed I was cumming, and lay down half on top of me, sucking my breasts while her fingers continued their magic lower down.** **I had such an orgasm that I shook and curled up, trapping her fingers between my slippery thighs.** **We lay next to each other, stroking each other's hair, kissing, talking, crying, saying, "I can't believe this is happening. I can't believe we have finally met."** **After about half-an-hour of touching one another and hugging and loving, we got up and ran the spa bath and climbed into the warm, inviting and scented water. It was good to wash away the sweat and cum of our first enthusiastic lovemaking.** **Now we gently washed one another's bodies and explored in great detail. Each of us totally unashamed. Standing and letting the other examine and open and wash our vaginas and our bottoms. Barbara even ran her finger over my anus and probed slightly. Even though she had told me she is not into anal sex. I felt so honoured. So loved by my friend.** **In turn, I touched and explored all of Barbara's body, loving her stretch marks, kissing her pussy, running my wet, soapy finger up her bottom crack and touching and looking at her pink anus.** **Barbara spent ages caressing my breasts.** **When we climbed out of the bath, Barbara dried my body, again paying special attention to my tits, which are larger than hers.** **We ended up on the bed in a 69, both licking and finger-fucking one another to another orgasm. We were both underneath and on top. The experience was almost beyond words -- I just don't know how to convey the sense of it here in my diary.** **Later, we showered then dressed.** **I had a time limit -- unfortunately, but I said Lolita Sex Stories I would be back tomorrow morning. I have the day off and I'm taking Barbara to our nudist beach -- for starters.** **Diary Entry #2:** **I drove to Barbara's motel room this morning to pick her up and take her to see our famous tee-tree lake with all its mud and then to go on to our nudist beach nearby.** **I had warned Barbara to bring plenty of sunscreen cream with her, as she is vulnerable to our hot summer weather.** **And today was a scorcher -- blue sky, cloud free, about 39 degrees C and a breeze blowing that can fool you into thinking it's not so hot. You don't realize just how burnt you are becoming.** **But for some protection I had my beach tent in the car. It would give us protection from the worst of the sun, but also afford us some shelter from prying eyes!** **I was wearing a beach-style halter-top, a pair of denim shorts and sandals. I didn't need anything else where we were going. I had a car full of beach towels and sunscreen as well as an esky full of picnic food and water.** **I pulled up outside Barbara's motel room, got out and walked to her door.** **I knocked.** **"Come in, it's open," I heard her call out.** **I entered her motel room. Barbara called from the bedroom, "I'm in here."** **I walked in to find her lying on her bed, stark naked.** **We both laughed. Barbara held up a large tube of sunscreen cream.** **"I know I need this stuff ALL OVER MY BODY and there are some spots that you are better at applying the cream to than me -- so I'm waiting," she said, as she opened her legs wide to expose to me her pussy.** **I grinned and caught the sunscreen cream that Barbara threw at me.** **For the next 15 minutes, dear diary, I covered 99% of my friend's body with the cream. The only bits I didn't rub cream into were the insides of her ears, her vagina and her anus. But that didn't stop me looking closely.** **It took all of Barbara's self-control not to reach up and grab my hands and pull me down on her. ** **It took all of MY control to apply the cream to her naked body -- having her spread her legs, then rolling onto her tummy for me to `work' on her back, bottom and legs, then again to her perky breasts and enlarged nipples that begged me to suck them.** **However, all of our self-control was not enough!** **Finally, I slid my fingers up and down her pussy slit as Barbara, so wet, spread her legs yet again, and thrust her hips up to capture my fingers into her aching cunt.** **I masturbated her.** **She kissed me.** **The dam broke. ** **Between us, we tore off my top. Then I kicked off my sandals and Barbara pulled my shorts down.** **Naked together we kissed and finger-fucked one another.** **Then Barbara picked up the tube of sunscreen cream and proceeded to cover my body, taking advantage of my large breasts, which she rubbed and squeezed and pinched my nipples. And she didn't stop there. Uninhibited, she spread my legs and lifted them up so she could explore my pussy and bum for her voyeuristic pleasure.** **Finally, we had both had pussy juices all over one another's sticky fingers and we lay our sweaty, cream-covered bodies together on her bed.** **"I could just stay here doing this all day," barb whispered in my ear, before sticking her tongue there.** **I squeezed her to me.** **"Me too," I said, struggling to escape her tongue. "But come on! Let me show you the delights of our beaches."** **We forced ourselves apart and dressed. Barbara in a two-piece cozzie and me back into my denim shorts and halter-top.** **Barbara wrapped a sarong around her bikini-clad body and slipped her feet into her sandals.** **Twenty minutes later we had parked near the tee-tree lake at Tyagarah, just north of Byron Bay. We left the entire picnic stuff and beach tent in the car and headed through the trees for the lake.** **First, a dip in the lake. There were a lot of people there already and the weather was pretty hot. Crickets chirped in the bushes and sand flies buzzed us.** **We dropped our towels and clothes and waded into the tee-stained waters naked.** **It was too public to be overly sexual but we rubbed mud on ourselves, laughed and hugged, while feeling-up one another's bodies under the dark coloured, brackish water.** **Although there were other couples there -- hetro, lesbian and gay -- there were also a few single men perving on the girls.** **Soon we had a small audience. Out in the open and hiding behind bushes thinking we couldn't see them.** **So we climbed back onto the bank, wrapped ourselves in our big beach towels and headed back to the car.** **Then we drove the remaining few hundred meters along the dusty road to the nudist beach car park.** **Between us, Barbara and I carried all our provisions over the big sand dune and down onto the beach.** **The beach goes stretches all the way from Brunswick Heads in the north to Byron Bay in the south.** **We found a spot on our own with our nearest nudist neighbours being twenty-five meters away.** **In the dip of a sand dune we erected our beach tent and spread our towels and stored our esky.** **We both ran naked down to the surf where we washed all the remaining mud from the lake off our bodies before walking, hand in hand, up the beach, to our tent.** **We dried one another and creamed our bodies. No one took any notice. Some were sun baking and one woman, laying next o her man, was playing with his erect cock!** **We laughed.** **"Come in the tent," I said to Barbara.** **Inside the tent we were not visible to people either side of us or behind us.** **We could see a person approaching from the front where we looked out from high up on the beach, among the sand dunes, across to the open beach and ocean. People walking by along the beach or the water's edge were not able to see inside the tent as they were in bright sunlight and we were in shadow. Perfect.** **W lay down inside the tent, on the towels, with our heads to the rear and our feet at the doorway.** **I lay on my back, using a towel and my shorts as a pillow.** **Barbara then knelt up next to me and started kneading my breasts with her beautiful soft hands.** **"Mmmmm, that's wonderful, darling," I murmured.** **Barbara was fascinated with my breasts ad caressed the fullness of them as well as tweaking my nipples, until I was quite aroused and flushed and my nipples had grown hard and long.** **Sensing my Lolita Sex Stories arousal, Barbara bent over me, softly kissing my breasts and then sucking hard on each nipple.** **She knelt closer and between sucks she looked outside to make sure no on was approaching.** **She shuffled closer to me and I slid my hand over her dangling breasts, then down the flatness of her belly and into the mass of light brown pubic hair between her legs.**As Barb sucked my breasts and kissed my mouth and then neck, I slid my hand over her pussy and penetrated her with two fingers.** **Barbara gasped.** **Then risking all, she moved her leg across my body until she was astride me.** **She kissed me passionately, panting and moaning.** **"Oh, Janet! Please! That is so good!"** **I fucked her pussy vigorously as she knelt over me. Barb's breasts swung above my face and I felt the heat of her sex organ in my active fingers.** **Barbara moaned and pumped her hips in a rhythm with my penetrating fingers that slid in and out of her hot, sticky pussy. I could feel the texture of the insides of her vagina; it's contracting and expanding muscles.** **I curled my fingertips to tease her g-spot.** **She sank back onto my fingers with her arms supporting her upper body and the view of her swinging breasts was above my face.** **I knew she was close to an orgasm. Her neck was red, her nipples extended and now the colour crept down over her shoulders and to her breasts.** **I felt the contractions of her vagina walls around my fingers as Barbara shuddered and cried out in delight.** **"Oh, oh god! I'm cum -- oh, oh!"** **Her arms were shaking and then she collapsed on top of me. She slid her legs between my open legs as she lowered her bottom.** **My fingers slid easily out of her dripping pussy but I kept my hand that was now trapped between our bodies cupped around Barbara's throbbing vulva.** **Gently I stroked the outside of her pussy and slid my fingers slowly across her matted pubic hair and I touched her vagina slit with the tip of my index finger.** **Barbara kissed my lips and forced my mouth open with her tongue. We panted and sucked and kissed for several minutes, our tongues dancing and exploring the others saliva coated mouth.** **Finally, Barbara rolled off of me and we lay, naked and spent, side-by-side, in the heat, gazing into one another's eyes.** **After some time, Barbara sat up and peeked outside the tent. No one was close by or interested in us.** **Barbara lay down on her back and asked me to kneel over her like he had with me. I knelt astride her and deliberately lowered my breasts onto her face.** **Barbara weighed my breasts in her cupped hands, pushing them together, and then she sucked my nipples.** **It was so sexy. I felt my nipples responding and I was aware of how wet my pussy was becoming.** **As she licked and sucked me, I felt Barbara's fingers sliding under my tummy and then onto my shaved pussy. Her index finger slid up and down my slit as her mouth teased my nipples and my legs involuntarily spread more. ** **I leaned further forward, forcing my breasts into her face, and my hips rose and parted even more.** **Barbara's fingers penetrated my slit and I felt two, no, three, fingers pushing up inside my cunt.** **It was a feeling beyond words. So sexy. So lovely. My juices seeping over her fingers and hand as I could feel and hear the slurp of her pumping in and out of my slippery pussy. Her fingers expanding and stroking and thrusting inside me.** **Faster and faster!** **I moved with her. I felt my orgasm rising up from the depths of my being. The strong feelings burst suddenly like a dam bursting its walls, and I soared, colours before my eyes, as my pussy contracted and I then collapsed onto Barbara's hand and still questing fingers.** **We were both sliding across each other's bodies with our mingled sweat and sunscreen cream.** **We both lunged and grabbed and stroked and kissed and touched and hugged until we couldn't move anymore.** **Our hair was matted and tangled and our hands touched and explored each other's faces.** **Then we rolled around on the towels, caressing breasts and looking and feeling each other's moist internal places.** **At one point I knelt up in the doorway of the tent, my head and shoulders blocking the entrance and I looked around at all the nudists on the beach.** **Behind me I could feel Barbara's fingers and tongue licking up and down my pussy and her finger hesitatingly probing my exposed anus.** **Then it was my turn.** **We swapped places an I looked lovingly and with lust and closely, examining every bit of Barbara's pussy -- her outer and inner lips, spreading her slit and looking and tasting the soft, sweet, inner red bits.** **Her long, erect clitoriswas too much to resist. I sucked it and blew upon it.** **Then to see her pink anus expanding and contracting as I pushed my fingers into her vagina was a treat.** ** I lay on my back with my head between Barbara's open legs and I fingered her and licked the folds of her pussy. I couldn't get enough of her. She tasted so salty after her earlier orgasms. I loved every moment.** **Later, we walked, naked, hand in hand, to the ocean, plunging our salty, sweaty bodies into the cool currents, swimming and cleaning and refreshing ourselves.** **We spent several more hours on that beach today and couldn't stop touching one another.** **It's now late at night as I write these memories of this beautiful day that I will never forget.** **I'm still sore, sun burnt, and my pussy is wet again from just writing down my memories of sex with Barbara.** **End of diary entries.*
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